Dental Fillings in Edmonton Dental Fillings in Edmonton
Restore & strengthen damaged or decayed teeth
Choice of filling materials to best suit your functional and esthetic dental needs
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When Are Fillings Needed?
These restorations are beneficial in the following situations

  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth
  • Fixing decay or wear on teeth
  • Repairing chipped teeth
Which Type of Filling Is Best For Me?
A good alternative to a mercury filling is the more aesthetically pleasing white filling (known as a composite filling or composite resin filling).

The selection of filling material is also based on its purpose. An inlay, onlay, or porcelain crown is a good solution for a large back-tooth cavity, whereas a white filling is typically a better solution for filling a smaller cavity or treating your front teeth.

White resin is also used widely in cosmetic dental procedures and dental bonding.
How Are Fillings Done?
Freezing will be administered by the dentist. The decayed material will then be carefully removed while your tooth is numb.

The cavity in your tooth will then be cleaned and carefully prepared.

Next, the filling will be precisely shaped and placed, then finally polished to restore your tooth to its original shape.
We follow the Alberta Fee Guide recommendations for all of our procedures.

Your exact price will depend on the complexity of your case. We provide no-obligation estimates.
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