Custom Night Guards in Edmonton Custom Night Guards in Edmonton
Precision fit unlike store bought alternatives.
Comfortable material options.
Prevents wear from grinding your teeth.
May alleviate headache, neck and jaw pain.
Why Wear a Night guard?
Night time grinding is the number one cause of tooth fracture. Most of us frind our teeth while sleeping. The damaging forces involved are ten times greater that those produced chewing food.

Untreated tooth grinding can result in problems with teeth, gums and jaw joints.
What Types of Night Guards Are Available?
While the night guards found at drugstores may function to lower the effects of tooth grinding, there are many advantages to choosing a custom made night guard created by a dental practitioner.

Custom made nightguards are made on an accurate models of your teeth. This precise fit makes them more comfortable than other options.

Store bought nightguards may seem appealing at first because of the lower cost, but they seldom fit comfortably. Custom made appliances may last years or even decades which make them a far better value in the long term.
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